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No Skidding Grit Tapes Yatchs Aerial

Grit Tapes for Yachts & Marine Facilities

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Safety & Performance. The areas on and around boats and marine facilities can present significant slip hazards. Our range of No Skidding® Grit tapes can be installed to provide a sure walking surface even under the harshest of conditions. Used successfully on racing yacht decks as well as on walkways and ramps around yacht clubs, […]

Tactiles & Tactile Studs

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Simple, durable and versatile tactile solutions. Ensuring that your building and its surroundings are safe and accessible for the visually impaired requires the use of high-quality and durable Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs) and tactile studs. Our range of peel-and-stick Tactiles, Ceramic Tactiles and Tactile Studs provide a cost-effective solution to make your building compliant […]
Tactile Studs
Birrus Stair Nosings Staircase

Stair Nosings

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A non-slip solution for stairs. Stairs and steps in and around your building need to be safe. The Birrus Stair Nosings range ensured the you will meet safety requirements with a durable system that reduces slip and trip hazards as well as prolonging the life of stair coverings.

Anti-Slip Grit Tapes

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Safe and Reliable. For over 20 years, No Skidding® have been supplying a range of anti-slip grit tapes designed to enhance safety in a variety of applications. These tapes can add instant grip to surfaces, that might otherwise be a slip-hazard, to enhance safety. Available in a range of colours and sizes, they can be […]
No Skidding Grit Tape Stripes Warning
PVC Backed Coir

Coir Matting

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A traditional & sustainable matting system. Manufactured from high-quality Sri Lankan coconut coir fibre, this matting system is one of our most popular for interior entranceways. Birrus PVC-backed Coir provides excellent performance even in high-traffic areas. It also brings a pleasing design aspect to both business and residential entrances.


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A drainage grate for use with recessed matting systems. Where a building entry is exposed to the weather, it is often a requirement that drainage be incorporated into the recessed matting system used. To support this, Birrus offers open-construction versions of their ULTRAMAT, DURAMAT and DURAGRIT matting systems. Open construction systems feature a perforated joining […]
Birrus Branded Matting example 1

Branded Matting

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Extend your brand to welcome visitors. Branded matting provides an excellent opportunity to support and enhance your identity. Every visitor to your premises or sponsored event, will be exposed to your messaging and brand identity. Our branded matting is manufactured here in Australia using modern printing techniques to ensure colour-accuracy and a clear reproduction of […]

Tough Scrape

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A heavy-duty matting system. If your entranceway, lobby or lift is subject to heavy foot-traffic you’ll need a durable and versatile matting system. Tough Scrape is a hard-wearing system designed for busy environments where performance cannot be compromised by a matting system degrading under use.
Tough Scrape in use in a commercial building 2
Birrus Ribbed Mat in use at a commercial building

Ribbed Mat

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The reliable entry mat for a variety of applications. Ribbed Mat offers a robust and effective matting system for medium-traffic entranceways. It’s our go-to matting system for a wide range of different building types because it offers reliable performance and will keep its appearance over time.

Premium Scrape

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A high-class finish for prestige buildings. The herringbone patterned ribs on the surface of a Premium Scrape matting system provide a high-quality appearance, in keeping with prestige locations. This versatile and durable matting system is suitable for use in buildings where an element of luxury is intrinsic to the interior design.
Birrus Premium Scrape - in use in a commercial building
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