Premium Scrape

The look of quality


A high-class finish for prestige buildings

The herringbone patterned ribs on the surface of a Premium Scrape matting system provide a high-quality appearance, in keeping with prestige locations. This versatile and durable matting system is suitable for use in buildings where an element of luxury is intrinsic to the interior design.

  • Subtle Colour – The neutral tone of this matting system reflects its premium appearance
  • Effective – the herringbone design features rigid stripes which act to scrape and clean footwear effectively
  • Moisture Retaining – matting surface is constructed from highly-absorbent polypropylene fibres
  • Durable Construction – durable enough to be installed externally and within buildings for full coverage
  • Custom-made – manufactured to your size and shape specification
  • Installation Options – can be supplied for recessed installation or edged for loose-laying  

Technical Specifications


Pile Material:
– 100% Polypropylene

– Nitrile Rubber

Total Weight:
– ± 3482 gram/m2

Pile Height:
– ± 8mm

Total Height:
– ± 10mm

Pile Structure:
– Needle Punch

Surface Aspect:
– Herring Ribs

Water Absorption:
– 6.7 ltr/m2

Please note that fire testing and slip testing results are not available on these products, please consider if you need these before purchasing.

Product Code & Mat Sizes

Product Code
– PS180

Mat Sizes
– All Birrus Premium Scrape Matting Systems are custom-made to your specification from a manufactured roll with a width of 1830mm (including edging) and a length of ± 20.5m

Installation Options

Surface Mounted
– Edged for loose-laying with grippers to reduce movement of the mat under-foot.

Recessed Install
– Supplied with a matting frame in Aluminium/Brass or Stainless-steel.
– Loose, mitred and drilled for screw-fixing.

Installation Guide

Birrus Installation Service Available (contact us for more details)

For Recess Applications:
– Ensure recess is clean, level and smooth (for gluing in mat the recess will need an engineered screed or skim coat to ensure adhesion).
– Install angles using glue or mechanical fixings.
– Glue in the mat using a contact adhesive or pressure sensitive glue.
– It is advised that the mat be unrolled and allowed to adjust to climate for 8-24 hours.

For Surface Mounted Applications:
– Unroll the mat and roll the edges down, these will relax over time and lay flat.
– Ensure the substrate is clean from dirt and debris.


– 2 Year Warranty (Contact us for warranty details)

Birrus Premium Scrape product close up

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