Marine Grit Tapes for Yachts & Boating Facilities

by No Skidding®
Marine Grit Tapes
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Marine Grit Tapes

By No Skidding®

Performance & Safety

Our marine grit tapes are manufactured for use in areas on and around boats and marine facilities can present significant slip hazards. No Skidding® Grit tapes can be installed to provide a sure walking surface even under the harshest of conditions. Used successfully on racing yacht decks as well as on walkways and ramps around yacht clubs, these grit tape rolls are manufactured to cover a large surface area easily, to provide grip where it’s needed.

  • Exclusive to Birrus – we have now brought this range to Australia so that boat owners, repairers and clubs can source these products locally
  • Versatile – ideal for a range of applications including decks, jetties, walkways, ramps, and other hazardous floor surfaces
  • Grit Technology – resistant to water and many chemicals commonly found around boats including grease, detergent, mineral spirits, petrol, diesel and oils
  • Easy to Install – supplied on wide rolls to cover a large surface area, these grit tapes are easily installed and adhere quickly to a range of surfaces including metal, sealed or painted wood and concrete
  • Cost Effective – covering large surface areas quickly with minimal surface preparation needed
  • Colour Options – can be supplied in Black, Light Grey or Dark Grey

Technical Specifications

Tape Structure

Tape Base Layer Material:

Grit Formulation:
– Light Grey – 60 Grit Aluminium Oxide
– Dark Grey – 60 Grit Aluminium Oxide
– Black – 80 Grit Silicon Carbide

Product Codes & Sizes

Light Grey:
– NS5142GRL – 1067mm x 18.3m

Dark Grey:
– NS5142GR – 1067mm x 18.3m

– NS5248B – 1219mm x 18.3m

Installation Guide

– Simple Peel-and-stick application to a range of clean, dry surfaces including metal, sealed wood or sealed concrete.
– Suitable for internal or external applications


– 1 Year Warranty (Contact us for warranty details)

No Skidding Grit Tapes Yatchs Grey
Light Grey
No Skidding Grit Tapes Yatchs Black
Dark Grey
No Skidding Grit Tapes Yatchs Black 2

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