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Birrus DURAGRIT in an inclined retail premises


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A non-slip system, designed for hazardous surfaces. Some surfaces can present a slip hazard, especially in environments where they may be wet or dirty. DURAGRIT is designed specifically for entranceways where slipping is a concern. The durable grit tread provides a safe walking surface to minimise the risk of slips or falls.


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A tough system for high-traffic entranceways. Many commercial entranceways have extremely high levels of foot-traffic at peak times. However, some mattings systems are simply not tough enough to maintain their appearance and performance under this kind of use. DURAMAT is different. Designed specifically to take this kind of punishment, it’s our most durable recessed matting […]
DURAMAT recessed entranceway matting system at Zinc
Birrus COCAMAT recessed entranceway matting system


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The visual appeal of Coir, in a commercial-grade entry matting system. Coir has been used as a natural matting constituent for over 150 years. We have taken this proven material and applied modern design and manufacturing techniques to produce a matting system for today’s commercial entranceways.