Anti-Slip Grit Tapes

By No Skidding®
Anti-slip grit tapes
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Anti-Slip Grit Tapes

by No Skidding®

Safe and Reliable

For over 20 years, No Skidding® have been supplying a range of anti-slip grit tapes designed to enhance safety in a variety of applications. These tapes can add instant grip to surfaces, that might otherwise be a slip-hazard, to enhance safety. Available in a range of colours and sizes, they can be used in a wide variety of applications throughout your building and its surrounding areas.

  • Versatile – ideal for a range of applications including stairs, ramps, landings, emergency exits, walkways, construction machinery, industrial equipment, trucks and trailers, boat decks and other hazardous floor surfaces
  • Grit Technology – embedded grit technology to provide extended wear and give a surface which is resistant to water, many chemicals including grease, detergent and oils
  • Warning Stickers  – “Caution” and “Watch Your Step” stickers to provide additional safety signage
  • Colour and Size Options – clear, coloured or glow-in the-dark tapes on different sized rolls
  • Photoluminescent Tape – uses a non-toxic, non-radio-active compound to store energy from artificial or natural light
  • Easy to Install – the aggressive adhesive system will stick to a wide variety of clean, dry surfaces including metal, sealed wood and sealed concrete

Technical Specifications

Tape Structure

Tape Base Layer Material:

Grit Formulation:
– 60 Grit Aluminium Oxide (except the Black 1219mm x 18.3m roll which features an 80 Grit Silicon Carbide Grit Formulation).


Clear Tapes:
– NS5102C – 50mm x 18.3m
– NS5103C – 75mm x 18.3m
– NS5104C – 100mm x 18.3m

Yellow Tapes:
– NS5102Y 50mm x 18.3m
– NS5103Y 75mm x 18.3m
– NS5104Y 100mm x 18.3m

Yellow & Black Striped Tapes:
– NS5102YB 50mm x 18.3m
– NS5103YB 75mm x 18.3m
– NS5104YB 100mm x 18.3m

Dark Grey Tapes:
– NS5102GR 50mm x 18.3m
– NS5103GR 75mm x 18.3m
– NS5104GR 100mm x 18.3m
– NS5142GR 1067mm x 18.3m

Light Grey Tapes:
– NS5142GRL 1067mm x 18.3m

Black Tapes
– NS5102B 50mm x 18.3m
– NS5103B 75mm x 18.3m
– NS5104B 100mm x 18.3m
– NS5248B 1219mm x 18.3m (80 Grit Silicon Carbide)

Photoluminescent Tapes (normal colour is white, but glows green in darkness):
– NS4202PH 50mm x 18.3m
– NS4204PH 100mm x 18.3m

Installation Guide

– Simple Peel-and-stick application to a range of clean, dry surfaces including metal, sealed wood or sealed concrete.
– Suitable for internal or external applications


– 1 Year Warranty (Contact us for warranty details)

No Skidding Grit Tapes Clear
No Skidding Grit Tapes Blakc 3
Dark Grey
No Skidding Grit Tapes Grey 2
Light Grey
No Skidding Grit Tapes Blakc 3
Dark Grey
No Skidding Grit Tapes Black and Yellow Stripes
Yellow & Black Diagonal Stripe
No Skidding Grit Tapes Yellow
Photoluminescent Tape (in darkness)
Photoluminescent Tape (in light)
Photoluminescent Tapes in Use
No Skidding Grit Tapes Warning stickers
Warning Stickers