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Recycling Across the Matting Lifecycle

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Environmental Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

Recycling at Birrus

Birrus’ commitment to environmental sustainability is clear from our comprehensive recycling program. We understand the importance of preserving our environment for future generations, and that’s why we’ve integrated recycling across the entire product lifecycle. Our approach begins with the efficient recycling of waste materials generated during the manufacturing process, minimising our ecological footprint. We also recycle packaging materials to reduce waste and encourage a circular economy. When it comes to the end-of-life management of our matting systems, we ensure they are responsibly recycled and repurposed, preventing unnecessary waste from entering landfills. Our holistic approach to recycling reflects Birrus’ dedication to being an environmentally responsible company, leading the way in sustainable business practices.

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Carboard Recycled
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Real-world Impacts

Environmental sustainability - CO2 reduction
Cars Removed from the Roads (317.49 tonnes of CO2)
Environmental sustainability - energy use reduction
Average Household Usage per year (3,587.50 gigajoules)
Environmental sustainability - water waste reduction
Olympic Swimming Pools (3,331.84 kilolitres)
Environmental sustainability - waste minimisation
Wheelie Bins of Waste Saved (427.68 m3)

Aluminium & Steel Recycling figures for 2018-July 2023
Cardboard Recycling figures for 2017-July 2023

Our Community Partnerships

Bush Heritage Australia

A leading not-for-profit conservation organisation that protects ecosystems and wildlife across the continent. They use the best science, conservation and right-way knowledge to deliver landscape-scale impact. They’re on the ground, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the agricultural sector to make sure our impact is deep, sustainable and collaborative.

BirdLife Australia

For over 120 years, BirdLife Australia has been at the forefront of bird conservation in Australia. Thanks to our supporters, and to the science which informs our actions, we’ve achieved some incredible outcomes for threatened birds – but now, we’re facing our greatest challenge yet: Australia’s extinction crisis.

Bunyip Bulldogs

The Bunyip Bulldogs Football Club, embedded in the Bunyip community promotes unity and pride. Beyond the game, the club prioritises social responsibility, with annual charity events benefiting local education, healthcare, and underprivileged groups. They serve as a pillar of local pride and help build a vibrant, compassionate community.

Waste Minimisation Throughout our Unique Manufacturing Processes

Environmental sustainability - sustainable manufacturing practices

At Birrus, we pride ourselves on our innovative, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and sustainable supply chain management, continuously striving to minimise waste, enhance efficiency, and support the local economy. We have revolutionised our cutting techniques by replacing traditional machinery with advanced, high-precision machines equipped with ultra-thin, 3.5mm saw blades. This upgrade has led to a significant reduction in material waste and manual labour when cutting rebated carpet inserts.

Our state-of-the-art machinery features an automated saw stop for aluminium cutting, drastically minimising scrap waste while optimising labour resources. Additionally, Birrus has implemented cutting-edge measuring practices and devices, streamlining the process of measuring recessed mats of any shape and size. This advancement has remarkably reduced measurement times from 3-4 hours to a mere 30 minutes, without compromising on accuracy.

By partnering with local suppliers, we effectively minimise our carbon footprint and promote on-shore manufacturing. Our commitment to sourcing materials close to home is exemplified by our procurement of bauxite from Gladstone, Queensland, which is then milled into aluminium at a local facility in Dandenong. This locally produced aluminium is subsequently supplied to our manufacturing plant in Dandenong South, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Similarly, our cardboard supplies are also sourced locally from a trusted supplier in Dandenong and delivered directly to our Dandenong South facility. This strategic approach to supply chain management allows us to significantly reduce transportation emissions and support the local economy.

Our dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices and responsible business operations ensures that Birrus remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering high-quality products while preserving the environment and fostering local partnerships.

Sustainable Design for Longer Product Life

Environmental sustainability - sustainable design

We are deeply committed to sustainability and durability as the cornerstones of our systems, ensuring a long-lasting, eco-friendly solution for your project. Our innovative approach to design incorporates high-quality materials and efficient production methods, setting us apart as industry leaders in sustainable and durable matting systems. Central to this approach is our use of 6000-series aluminium for crafting our matting extrusions, renowned for its strength and durability, which ensures our products can withstand the test of time. This reliable, high-grade aluminium allows our matting systems to last for decades, minimising the need for frequent replacement and reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposal.

Beyond the use of premium materials, our designs are engineered to further extend the life of our matting systems. By incorporating replaceable inserts, we offer our clients a cost-effective and eco-conscious method to maintain their matting systems in optimal condition. This modular design allows for easy replacement of worn or damaged inserts, ensuring the longevity of the entire system while reducing waste generated from disposing of entire matting units. This not only offers a more sustainable solution but also results in long-term cost savings for our clients.

As a testament to our confidence in the durability of our products and our dedication to sustainable practices, all of our flagship matting systems are backed by a 10-year guaranty. This guaranty demonstrates our unwavering faith in the resilience of our matting systems and our commitment to delivering sustainable, high-quality solutions to our clients.

Environmental Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

As an Australian-owned manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to producing high-quality, innovative matting solutions, while adhering to the highest environmental standards. As a local manufacturer operating onshore, we recognise the importance of safeguarding our pristine natural surroundings and prioritising sustainable practices. To ensure our operations remain eco-friendly, we rigorously comply with all Australian environmental regulations.

Our adherence to these stringent guidelines reflects our steadfast commitment to minimising our ecological footprint and maintaining the delicate balance between industry and nature. This extends beyond mere compliance with governmental regulations, as we actively collaborate with independent environmental accreditation organisations such as Ecospecifier Global. By partnering with them, we are able to achieve product accreditations that serve as a testament to our devotion to environmental stewardship.

Our environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing has enabled us to innovate and develop matting solutions that are not only practical but eco-friendly. By utilising materials that are sourced responsibly, we can guarantee that our products align with the environmentally sustainable values that we hold dear. This commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility has garnered us a loyal customer base that recognises and appreciates our shared vision for a cleaner, greener future.

Environmental sustainability - environmental accreditation

Learn More About Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Product Stewardship Statement & Environmental Policy
Environmental sustainability - Product Stewardship
Matting Product Environmental Datasheet

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