Prevent entrance flooding


A drainage grate for use with Birrus recessed matting systems

Where a building entry is exposed to the weather, it is often a requirement that drainage be incorporated into the matting well below the recessed matting system. To support this, Birrus offers open-construction versions of their ULTRAMAT, DURAMAT and DURAGRIT matting systems.

Open construction systems feature a perforated joining strip between the inserts to allow water to flow into the recess below the matting. The installation of a DURAGRID system, allows water to freely move to the drainage installed in the matting well and hence away from the entrance area for a better water management solution.

  • Durable – made from galvanised steel to provide a robust framework
  • Perfect Partner – designed to work alongside DURAMAT, DURAGRIT or ULTRAMAT
  • Custom-made – manufactured to your size and shape specification

Technical Specifications


Construction Material
– Galvanised Steele

– All DURAGRID systems are custom made to the required size and shape.


To be used in conjunction with 10mm Open Construction ULTRAMAT, DURAMAT or DURAGRIT


This metal grid system fits firmly within a 40mm x 40mm x 3mm angle frame.


– 10-year Warranty

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