Coir Matting

Classic and Effective


A traditional & sustainable coir matting system

Manufactured from high-quality Sri Lankan coconut coir fibre, Birrus coir matting is one of our most popular for interior entrances. Birrus PVC-backed Coir provides excellent performance even in high-traffic areas. It also brings a pleasing design aspect to both business and residential entries.

  • Ethical Choice – manufactured from sustainably harvested coir
  • Visual Appeal – with natural tones and subtle variations
  • Recessed Installation – custom built matting well frame
  • Pile Depth Options – to meet your project requirements
  • Design Choice – colour options, natural honey or dyed black

Technical Specifications


Matting Materials:
– 35% Natural Coir Fibre
– 65% PVC (Contains PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate, DOP & Chlorinated Paraffin Wax)

Matting Frame:
– Mats are recessed with an Aluminium/Brass or Stainless-steel Frame, which can be fully-welded or loose, mitred and drilled for screw-fixing.

Pile Depth Options:
– Natural Honey Colour:

– Dyed Black

All Birrus Coir matting systems are made to your sizing specification to provide a perfect recessed fit for your matting well.


Birrus Installation Service Available (contact us for details)

Ensure recess is clean, level and smooth (for gluing in mat the recess will need an engineered screed or skim coat to ensure adhesion).

Install angles using glue or mechanical fixings.

Glue in the mat using a contact adhesive or pressure sensitive glue.

It is advised that the mat be unrolled and allowed to adjust to climate for 8-24 hours.

Care & Maintenance

Vacuum clean weekly, or daily in high traffic areas. NEVER steam clean or use water extraction methods. Direct contact with excessive moisture may cause shrinkage or expansion.


– 1-Year Warranty

Coir Natural Honey
Natural Honey
Coir Dyed Black
Dyed Black

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