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The ultimate design choice for your building

Your building entrance creates the first impression of your building. We know that matting systems often let down quality building design by sacrificing visual appeal with low quality matting. However, Birrus ULTRAMAT can offer you the look you want without the need to compromise. Our flagship recessed entrance mat offers you the design flexibility, performance and build-quality that you need to achieve the best outcome for your building entry.

  • Colour Choice – 12 standard insert colours – custom colours by special order
  • Robust System – suitable for internal or covered external entrances
  • High Performance – designed to trap moisture and dirt at the entrance
  • Durable Construction – frame made from 6000-series aluminium
  • Custom-made – manufactured to your size and shape specification
  • Anodised finishes available – clear, bronze or black frame coatings available

Technical Specifications


Construction Options:
– Slimline Open (10mm or 16mm)
– Closed (10mm or 16mm)

– High-quality, 6000-series Aluminium
– Non-slip Furrowed Treads

Anodising of Aluminium Extrusions (optional):
– 15-micron anodised coating in Clear, Midnight Black or Antique Bronze

Matting System Insert (Cut Pile)

Insert Material:
– Cut Pile Carpet

– Yarn Dyed Nylon

Pile Weight
– 1000g/m2

Machine Gauge
– 1/10th Guage

Total Thickness
– 9.0mm

Backing Structure
– Reinforced PVC Backing

Matting System Insert (Loop Pile)

Environmental Accreditation
– Ecospecifier Global Green Tag Certified to GreenRate Level C

Insert Material:
– Loop Pile Carpet

– Type 6 Nylon

Pile Weight
– 814g/m2

Machine Gauge
– 1/12th Guage

Colour System
– 100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Pile Height
– 4mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Total Thickness
– 7.5mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Backing Structure
– Glasbac (R), Glasbac (R) RE

System Accreditation & Warranty

Insert Material: Cut-pile carpet

Anti-static: – less than 1000v

Fire Safety Certification: – See Resource Section (left)

Slip Testing Certification: – See Resource Section (left)


Insert Material: Loop-pile carpet

Anti-static: AATCC134 less than 3000v

Fire Safety Certification: See Resource Section (left)

Slip Testing Certification: See Resource Section (left)

Additional Information: Qualifies for the accredited Cool Carpet™ program option with zero net Green House Gas (GHG) emissions associated with the life cycle of the product. Modular carpet creates about 85% less installation waste than broadloom.

Warranty: 10-year Warranty


Birrus Installation Service Available – contact us for details

Birrus Matting Systems require and internal recess depth of 12mm or 20mm. Standard Birrus matwell frames are fabricated using aluminium alloy, brass and stainless-steel angle for compatibility with our mats.

Place angle in the recess and set angles level with adjoining floor surfaces. Glue in or screw fix as required. Contractors are advised, to ensure proper performance of the entire assembly it is absolutely necessary that base of matwell is formed to a level plane, using an engineered screed. We do not recommend sand and cement screed as it will break up over time.

Stepped profile requires a minimum of 10mm clearance if a door is to pass over the mat

Care & Maintenance

Vacuum clean matting regularly and if required spot clean carpet inserts with dry shampoo or steam clean as required.
Replacement of inserts is a simple job carried out in-situ. A full range of inserts is available from your local distributor.
Restore lustre to ribbed aluminium sections by lightly rubbing over with abrasive wool.

ULTRAMAT Green Tag Certified Loop Pile Insert Colour Options
ULTRAMAT Cut Pile Insert Colour Options

ULTRAMAT 10mm Closed Standard Installation

ULTRAMAT 10mm Open Standard Installation

ULTRAMAT 10mm Closed Standard Install with Ramp

ULTRAMAT 16mm Closed Standard Installation

ULTRAMAT 16mm Slimline Open Screen Installation

ULTRAMAT product close-up black
Closed Construction
ULTRAMAT product close up brown
Open Construction


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