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Treadtile Carpet Tiles

Eco-friendly Carpet Tiles

Made from 95% Recycled Aircraft & Truck Tyres.

The need to responsibly source materials and products for building projects is at the forefront of many architects’ minds. BIRRUS Treadtile provides a high-quality, low-maintenance and durable carpeted surface suitable for a wide range of areas within commercial and public buildings.


Manufactured from 95% recycled aircraft and truck tyres, Treadtile is an environmentally-friendly option which is made from waste materials that could otherwise go to landfill.

Installation Options

Treadtiles can be recessed in a matting well. They are also durable enough to be used in covered external areas where they are slip-resistant even when wet.


Excellent traction means that Treadtiles are a great choice for ramps, walkways stairwells, airport aerobridges and a range of other locations.

Layout Options

Treadtiles can be laid in herringbone patterns, standard or diagonal parquets, large geometric grids or a range of other designs to suit your aesthetic choice.


The durable surface makes Treadtiles suitable for areas where spikes or studded footwear is worn such as sports complexes, locker rooms and athletic equipment rooms.


Ideal for high-traffic areas such as building entrances and lobbies in environments like airports, shopping centres, schools, retail stores and offices.

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The Environmentally-friendly Carpet Tile

Birrus Treadtile Carpet Tiles

Technical Specifications

System Accreditation & Warranty
Installation Options

Product Type:
Heavy-duty entrance flooring tiles

100% recycled rubber tyre and belt material with reinforcement

Surface Aspect:
Buffed, chenille-like nylon

Non-flammable solid adhesive base


  • Tile Size: 305 mm x 305 mm
  • Thickness: 9.525 mm
  • Weight: 9.88kg/m2



Slip Resistance Tested to AS 4586-2013 Standard.
Slip Resistance Classification: P5

Fire Testing:
Fire Tested to AS/ISO 9239.1-2003 Standard (test report below)

Abraision Resistance:
Wear Index, 1/g=53.9

Tensile Strength:
Longitudinal >1500psi

5 Year Warranty (Contact us for warranty details)

Installation Options

Birrus Installation Service Available (more details)

  • Can be installed on a flat surface or recessed.
  • Tiles can be trimmed for boarders or other hard-to-fit areas.

Treadtile Colour Swatch

Treadtile Fossil Brown
Fossil Brown