Coco Brush

Synthetic Coir Matting System

Coco Brush

A Synthetic Coir System for Commercial Entrances

Coco Brush is designed for removing and trapping dirt at the entrance to commercial buildings with high foot-traffic. This system is increasingly popular in Australia due to its consistent performance and durability in dealing with debris and moisture, stopping it from damaging internal flooring surfaces. The manufacturing process produces much less shedding than a natural coir product. With neutral colour options and recessed or loose-lay installation configurations, Coco Brush is now being used in a wide variety of settings including retail, hospitality, public and residential buildings.

  • Low-shedding – needle-punched 100% polypropylene surface

  • High-performance – coarse fibres effectively scrape dirt and debris from shoes

  • Recycled Materials – durable mat backing is made from recycled rubber that will not mark flooring

  • Traps Moisture – highly absorbent surface fibres dry footwear quickly

  • Hides Dirt – tightly punched fibres hide dirt inside the matting structure, keeping the surface clean

Technical Specifications


Matting Structure

Pile Material:
– 100% Polypropylene

– Crumbed Rubber

Pile Weight:
– ± 1100 gram/m2

Total Weight:
– ± 4070 gram/m2

Pile Height:
– 6mm

Total Height:
– 11mm

Pile Structure:
– Needle Punch

Surface Aspect:
– Velour

Water Absorption:
– 5ltrs/m2


Birrus Installation Service Available (contact us for details)

Ensure recess is clean, level and smooth (for gluing in mat the recess will need an engineered screed or skim coat to ensure adhesion).

Install angles using glue or mechanical fixings.

Glue in the mat using a contact adhesive or pressure sensitive glue.

It is advised that the mat be unrolled and allowed to adjust to climate for 8-24 hours.

Care & Maintenance

Vacuum clean weekly, or daily in high traffic areas.


– 1-Year Warranty


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