Birrus Stair Nosings

Durable Safety for Stairs


A non-slip solution for stairs

Stairs and steps in and around your building need to be safe. The Birrus Stair Nosings range ensures that you will meet safety requirements with a durable system that reduces slip and trip hazards as well as prolonging the life of stair coverings.

  • Regulatory Compliance – slip tested to AS 4586:2013 standard, achieving the highest P5 rating.
  • Luminance Tested – grit tapes have a 30% luminance contrast and are tested to AS 1428.1-2009
  • Durable – Australian-made 6000-series Aluminium alloy is paired with high quality grit tape
  • Design Options – Bullnose and Slimline options are available to suit different step designs
  • Anodised – a 15-micron clear coating to protect the integrity and visual appeal of the metal
  • Versatile – can be installed on internal or external steps
  • Colour Options – three colour options for the grit tape to suit your environment (yellow, grey or black)

Technical Specifications


Construction Material:
– 6000 Series Aluminium Alloy

Grit Tape Insert Material:
– 60 Grit Aluminium Oxide Formation

Safety Accreditation

Disability Access
– AS 1428.1-2009

– AS 4586.2013 Appendix A – P5 Rating

Grit Tape Luminescence Testing
– AS 1428.1-2009 Appendix B, Paragraph B3 Standard
– Rating when dry = 5.3
– Rating when wet = 4.7
– Rating when dry = 56.4
– Rating when wet = 56.5
– Rating when dry = 12.0
– Rating when wet = 11.6

Product Codes

Slimline Systems:
– BSN10B – Slimline Black
– BSN10Y – Slimline Yellow
– BSN10G – Slimline Grey

Bullnose Systems
– BSN32B – Bullnose Black
– BSN32Y – Bullnose Yellow
– BSN32G – Bullnose Grey

Installation Guide

Slimline Stair Nosings:
– Ensure steps are clean, grit, dirt, debris is removed.
– Either apply thin bead of polyurethane to the stair or use mechanical fixings in the drilled & counter sunk holes.
– Wipe away any glue squeezed out and install grit tape into nosings.

Bullnose Stair Nosings:
– Installation of bullnose type to carpet – mark hole locations.
– Use a sharp knife and cut an ‘x’ into the carpet, drill holes.
– Install grit tape into nosings.


1 Year Warranty (Contact us for warranty details)

Birrus Stair Nosing Three Colours Yellow, Black and Grey
Grit Tapes Colours (Yellow, Grey & Black)
Birrus Stair Nosings Bull Nose
Bull Nose Option
Birrus Slimline Stair Nosings Slimline
Slimline Option (shown here prior to insert being affixed)
Birrus Stair Nosings Diagram
Slimline and Bullnose Sizing

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